Punch Club Wikia

"Magic potions"[]

At the sporting goods store you can buy "Magic Potions" from from a shady individual. Besides making you talk to your cat they will temporarily increase one of your stats by 2 points. You can only have one stat buffed like this at a time. A good trick is to use this buff to get you up to the requirements for the min stat perks (like meat runner). once the potion wears off your perk will keep the bonus. Using potions too frequently will cause you to gain a temporary debuff to training. It lasts 4 days but can be cured in china town (the icon stays but penalty leaves). Interacting with the potion dealer too much may have other consequences.

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Food is the primary way of refilling low hunger, but certain foods can be effective for refilling health, happiness, and energy. If your hunger or energy is almost depleted, your fighter will not be able to work, exercise, or watch TV. Low health reduces your hit points in fights, and low happiness reduces your exercise effectiveness.

Name Health Mood Hunger Energy Cost Hunger/Cost Find
Meat +10 +1 +40 - $20 200% Grocery Store
Soda - +1 +9 - $6 150% Grocery Store
Energy Drink - +2 +2 +10 $14 14% Grocery Store

Silver's Gym

Frozen Pizza +10 +1 +17 - $9 188% Grocery Store
Spoiled Burger -60 -30 +40 - Free Free Bar
Chocolate Bar - +1 +5 +5 $11 45% Silver's Gym
Protein Bar - +1 +10 - $15 67% Silver's Gym
Pizza +10 +1 +20 - $14 143% Cafe
Shrimp Pizza - +4 +20 - $16 125% Cafe
Herbal Potion - +15 - +50 Free Free Biker Camp
Borscht - +5 +40 - Free Free Russian Hut
Pirozhki - +5 +30 - Free Free Russian Hut
Lamb +10 +2 +40 - Free Free Mansion
Turkey +5 +2 +50 - Free Free Mansion
Caviare +5 -2 +25 - Free Free Mansion
Coffee - +3 - +25 Free Free Mansion

Meat is the best choice if you're buying food to fulfill hunger, but frozen pizza will increase health and mood more quickly. Later in the game, certain locations start offering free food & exercises. So those become the best options. Buying food may occasionally still be worthwhile if the free food runs out. This most notably happens when coffee runs out and you might want to buy some energy drinks.

Despite the drawbacks of the spoiled burger, it might be worth eating. It might be the only food you can get if you're broke, and it might even shave time off of speed runs.

The vending machine at Silver's Gym is pretty poor value, and the value added is only enough for a couple reps. However, if you have enough money, protein bars and energy drinks allow you to exercise continuously. This can be an effective way to boost stats quickly towards your goal so that they aren't diminished over a period of several days.

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Home Gym[]

You can buy the equipment listed below from the Sporting Goods Store. The bench, punching bag, and treadmill exercises are the same as those found at Silver's Gym, so doing one exercise at home will drain the effectiveness of that exercise at Silver's Gym and vice versa.

Name Cost Strength Agility Stamina Happiness
Old Bench $250 50 base - - +1
Small Punching Bag $150 - 45 base - +1
Treadmill $200 - - 55 base +1
Wing Chun $250 based on stat (reduced) based on stat based on stat (reduced) +1

Quest Items[]

  1. Flowers can be found around town to win the affection of Adrian. Their locations are:
    • Roy's yard – required to start the quest
    • Your House – flower the potted plant on the kitchen counter.
    • Mick’s Office
    • Cafe
    • Warehouse
    • Bar
  2. A hearing aid can be found for Big Bobo at the Sporting Goods Store.
  3. Spiced Pizza can be gotten from Casey at the Cafe, once you've made at least two deliveries. and triggers Ninja Gator quest line.