Fighting in Punch Club is automated but you set your ability line up and direct your characters progression. This all adds up to whether or not you win like a champ or lose like a chump.

Basics Edit

Reduce your opponents health to zero before he does yours. Your stats influence your fight capabilities and your abilities influence your path to victory and effectiveness.

Fight Set Up Edit

Fight Screen pre

Before the fight get under way you get to examine your opponent and set up your character. Early in the game you want to manage your energy and damage output. With some simple defenses, later in the game you'll have access to skills that can counter what your opponent brings.

In between rounds you can also change your strategy. Sometimes plan one didn't work. Or maybe its down to the wire and your both out of energy time to swap in some lower cost moves.

What you see here Edit

In the top, the green bars is your Health. when it gets to 0 someone loses. The yellow bar is your energy level. your attacks and defenses cost energy and your opponents skills can sap it as well. When this get to low you might not have enough energy for your moves. if you strike someone down to 0 stamina you do bonus damage and keep initiative.

In the mid screen you see you and your opponents names, your stats and the stat modifiers. The eyeball is your hit modifier this is calculated by your agility divided into total strength and stamina. The lightning bolt thingy is your stamina recovery based on stamina. The brick wall thing indicates the amount of damage reduction against your opponents attacks. There also seems to be a hidden dodge passive as you can dodge without the skill equipped.

At the bottom of the screen in the blue squares are the skills you and your opponent have equipped for the next round of combat. Hovering these gives you more info. You can swap your skills from the area below and your opponent displays his perks. It's worth it to read your opponents perks because some of them are quite powerful and might counter your strategy. The perks can also be random even if your fighting a guy with the same name.

The red button lets you start the fight

In combat Edit

Fight Screen in battle

In the middle of the screen is the fight timer. You and your opponent alternate attacks and defenses until the timer reaches zero, after which you regroup for the next round. The green and yellow bars represent your health and energy levels respectively. The skills currently equipped by each fighter appear below the energy bars. Hovering over an ability will show new values based on modifiers and perks. Damage and stamina pop-ups appear over each fighter during the fight, indicating how much damage they took and how much energy was expended/gained.