Glitches Edit

This is a place to list known glitches. Please label if the glitch is for PC, mobile, or both. If a glitch is only listed under one platform (PC or mobile), please test it out and leave the results in the comments.

  1. (Mobile) If you take the bus from the mansion to the gym, then spar with Silver, you automatically get teleported back to the mansion after the sparring fight.
  2. (Mobile) Currently, "Slave of the Wind" is glitched out and will not actually prevent you from going over 8 STR or STA.
  3. (pc) Force quitting during the first fight of the game, the robbery, cause the locations on the map to glitch out. The construction yard disappears and Mick has no dialog at his office.
  4. (Mobile) After a robbery, no matter where you were going, you will be teleported to the middle of the road next to the abandoned warehouse.
  5. (PC) Exiting the game whilst fighting for a movie in the mansion causes you to have lost all the money and earns you no fame, effectively locking you out of the story progression, unless you have 500 extra money to get more fame.
  6. (PC/Mobile?) Fighting the mutant on the Biker camp before beating Big Bobo, but after accepting the quest, then trying fight the Big Bobo will trigger a bug where your character is overlapped by another, then will trigger another fight with the mutant after this.
  7. (Mobile) While working (Pizza job) you can click on the GUI buttons instead of the "stop" button. This causes the work window to disappear (thus removing the option to stop working), and you are stuck working until you stop from hunger/exhaustion. You still see how your hunger/mood/energy go down and money goes up, but there's no way to bring the work window back until it stops on it's own.