Punch Club Wikia

The game uses a city map to navigate your character around to different locations. later in the game you travel to new locations off the map.

Core Locations[]

Location how to get there options
home always unlocked sleep, eat, tv, exercise, flower
Mick's office Storyline quests, free meals when hungry(MAX 3time), flower
Grocery store Storyline buy food, discover cafe/pizza, random fight encounter
Silvers Gym talk to Mick Train pads/spar, fight league, exercise, vending machine, discover ultimate fights.
Bar encounter after fight league Fights for quest, flower, garbage can burger
Cafe encounter with Apu Work, Flower, Eat, quest fights
Construction storyline work
Roys house Encounter after fight league Love, flower, spar, train with Roy, chill, Go to the Bar
Warehouse Encounter in Exercise room at Silvers gym Ultimate Fights, Flower
China town Visit Cafe while injured Heal injury, Don quest
Biker camp Beat all the Bar fights Work, Mickey quest
Sporting goods store encounter after fight league(loss?) buy home gym equipment, magic potions,
Sewer Beat spice pizza quest
Gangsters Lair Beat Ultimate fights first Beat Gangs for reputation skulls,Making Deals
Mansion Beat Novice Tournament first Shoot Movies for fame,Have party

Off map[]

  • Russia - become champion of fight league.
  • Prison - become champion of ultimate league and ally with Don.
  • Island - end game.

Map Image[]

Punchclub map.png