Twitch plays Punch Club Edit

Punch Club was actually release in a quite unique way. Twitch chat had to beat a prerelease of the game before it was officially released to the public. Surprisingly, twitch chat came together and beat the game in less then a week. The games still there to play for free with chat


Notable Streamers Edit

There are some incredibly entertaining streamers out there having fun with the game. Ill post some of the fun playthroughs I've caught. check their vods for the action. Feel free to add your own stream suggestions after.

  1. Bikeman
  2. Retrogaijin
  3. Adikar - under 3 hour speed run.
  4. CrReam
  5. Tangent Gaming
  6. Yogscast
  7. BrownMan (Ray of roosterteeth)